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    Mandy Crawford, Doctor of Osteopathy

    Mandy Crawford

    Registered Osteopath & ACC Provider| Lecturer |  Exec Sports Medicine NZ
    BHSc Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy

    I’m proud to lead a team of highly skilled and hugely talented people. Together we are fully committed to finding optimal outcomes for you whether that’s pain and stress reduction, or empowering you to break your personal bests and achieve peak performance.

    With us, you’re in safe and expert hands. So book a visit at your leisure or get in touch.

    Testimonial - Vital Body Osteopathy and Massage

    After receiving regular muscular therapy from Mandy I have no hesitation in recommending her to others. She is very experienced and highly skilled in finding and then releasing muscle tension. Mandy’s high level of training enables her to identify underlying medical problems which require treatment by other professionals such as a doctor or physiotherapist. After one treatment your body will beg for more!

    Linda, North Shore
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