Osteopathy is best thought of as a ‘whole of body’ therapy which involves mobilisation and manipulation of your spine and joints, connective tissue release, massage, lymphatic drainage in any combination. We’re trained to screen for disorders of the cranial, nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, visceral and lymphatic systems – yep, that’s pretty much every part of you. Our job is to ensure your body works optimally in every way – including to improve your peak performance.



Online Telehealth Consultation

  • ACC 30 mins – $30
  • Private 30 mins – $50


  • Private new patient: $120

  • Return private patient: $85

  • ACC new patient: $75

  • ACC return patient: $55

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​The benefits of a fully functioning body are immeasurable. Osteopathy can help restore your physical and emotional wellbeing.

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